Fun with photo requests

Wow! What a great thing the photo request board is! I put myself in the buyers' shoes and asked for photos for a gift for my 2 year old daughter.

This is what I asked: Hi, this should keep you busy if you are bored today! I am making a laminated book for my daughter for her 2nd Birthday. You can buy these books but I thought it would be more fun to use Dreamstime images. I need isolated images (which I do not do). I would like to choose 100 different images to use in her book. Simple images, with one item...

examples would include:









fire truck




It was very neat to see everyones' different take on the request. In fact some photographers hit the nail on the head immediately and started sending pics! Others however sent nothing like what i had asked for and admin had to pull them out. Neat to see the process from the other side for once.

Here are some of the ones I chose, and thanks to everyone for helping. I am going to look back on this and purchase more for another project this fall as well!

© Defun

© Abpics

Photo credits: Arun Bhargava, Brad Calkins, Xunbin Pan, Mitch1921, Laura Clay-ballard, Darren Brode, Sgcallaway1994, Teekaygee.

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thanks for making us part of your daughter project


This is really cool! I am very appreciative you used my dog photo in both your blog and your daughter's book. What a great idea and how nice of you to share your experience in a blog. By the way, the dog's name is "Brock" he's an airedale and he LOVES little kids! He sends a big wet kiss your daughter's way and wishes her a very special 2nd birthday!


Sounds like a fun project! Thank you very much for including me!


Hope you found all what you wanted :)
Cheers & Happy birthday in advance for your daughter :)


Alaskaparks, thank you verymuch^^ I hope your daughter will like it^^


I really like your project and thank you.. :)


Your project sounded like a very fun idea, and such a personal gift. Thanks for the opportunity to be included!


Thanks for letting us know, and making us part of your project!


No problem, just wanted to share my experience. The cool thing is that i chose some images just from people giving me an example of their works, then i spent time to go to their portfolio, which i'm sure must happen alot.


I wasn't able to submit anything for your request. But I just wanted to say it was very nice of you to post here and let others know about your experience and what you chose.

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