Hope everyone has a great summer

It is just around the corner with many opportunities to take photos. Just remember the harsh light and heat. Is not always the best time to get out there. And if you do remember to drink LOTS of water.
© Nikitu

And put sunscreen on yourself and the little ones. Take care of your self and your equipment. HAVE FUN!!! (((H))) :)

© Noonie

Photo credits: , Dmccale, Nick Stubbs, John Schwegel, Gabriel Blaj, Michael Spring, Ioana Grecu, Susan Leggett, Sergeikorolko, Warren Millar, Wisconsinart.

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It's winter here now but I wish you all a fun summer Debbie :)) Thanks for using one of my images (((H)))


Great summer for you Debbie and your family.
I just go swim in the Adriatic sea. The Croatia (Dalmatia) is now hot, about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Best regards!!!


Yes - lets have fun! Summer is my favorite season;)


Happy Summer everyone .. lots of outdoor shots :) ;)


Great summer to everyone.


Thanks Ingrid and Susan hugs


Whew, I'm in full swing right now!!!! Trying to do a lot because it doesn't last long before the grand-kids are back in school..... Thanks for using 2 of them in your blog :))) Have a great summer, or winter, all!!!


I really hate the hot temperature :S It makes me feel sick and anxious. This doesn't mean I hate summer, just the HOT :)

I wish you a very happy summer !!!


thanks everyone (((H)))


Puts you in the mood to grab your camera and sunscreen! Thanks for the article.


beaufitul summer pics


Have a great summer!


These images have "a strong taste" summer, congratulations!


I hope you have a great summer :)I think only at vacation ,beach ,water,sun and relaxation :)


I agree spring and Fall use to be great now we just have winter and summer..Hot or Cold.Not sure if there is a place where it is perfect.If you find it let us know. :)))


Summer used to be my favourite season.But I have to admit, even now as Spring is here, we are getting those humidity and uncomfortable heat, which tells me that Summer is going to be unbearable. Some say it's due to the ozone and pollution,etc. Whatever the cause, I see me cussing when Summer comes, but when winter arrives, I wish I would be sweating like a pig. Another thing about summer is the sun rises early 5:30am and sets really late.. 10 pm . Now, that alone , I wouldn't trade off Summer. And you don't have to dress like an eskimo, freeze one moment outside, sweat the next indoors. (HATE WINTER).
Anyone know a place where the weather is close to perfect? Can you get me a green card or whatever one needs to live and work there indefinitely? :)


Thanks Maen and Laura..It is already 100 here.I hate the heat also.But lets make the best of it Maen.I wait till the evening and sit under the trees.LOL


Great summer!!!!


I have never expected my self so hating to Summer as you may expect! But enjoy a moderate Summer everyone! :)


Thanks Mariaam and Eliane (((H))) :)


Have a great summertime!!! :)


Refreshing blog!


Sunny days are great for phototaking. But I also find taking photos before and after the rain is just as fanstastic. Have a fun summer to you too and everybody :)

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