Fun, then Kidney Stone!

Spent the weekend in Dallas with the family. Went to a Texas Rangers game. Was able to get this image approved as an editorial image.

Earlier in the day however, I stopped by the new Cowboy Stadium. Was also able to get this approved as an editorial image. Decided to try the expanded ISO range of my Canon 5D Mark II and use ISO 50. ISO 50 lowers the already very low noise of the 5dM2 and I think I'm a fan of it already.

Then, on Sunday morning at 4 am I was awakened with a kidney stone. Major PAIN! Had to go to the ER twice on Sunday. Passed it on Monday. Sorry, no pictures - at least not of me.

© Susy56

Photo credits: David Watts Jr., Susanne Neal.

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May 15, 2010


Kittycat - sorry about your trouble too... my pain went away fast... yours unfortunately has lingered... best wishes!


May 15, 2010


I worked in the medical field for years and have seen many patients with kidney stones. Very painful. I hope you are feeling better. Great shots. I am sitting here healing from a bone fusion. I broke my heel in Sept. and the Orhto. group I was going to said I had two fractures had me in physical therapy and the whole shot.Well it was just getting worse so I got another opinion and found out they missed a fracture and there was no way it would go back together by itself. So I know what you mean about pain. Good luck to you.

May 14, 2010


Yeah - I actually thought about taking a picture of the stone, but I might have needed a macro lens! Small, but painful.

May 14, 2010


Hope you're feeling better... Drink more water & keep your cam active! Good luck :)

May 14, 2010


Take a picture of the stone....

May 14, 2010


Hey! Thanks for using my image. I almost hate to admit it but once my husb was drugged up in the ER, I took advantage of the situation and took pics of him for Dreamstime. That's his kidney stone in my image above. Happy to say it finally passed AND my images of him in his hospital bed have sold too!

May 14, 2010


I've pasted a few of them. They are not any fun for sure.

May 14, 2010


Great shots! I know what you mean about the pain. I had one myself this last Christmas eve. I wasn't sure what it was I just had extreme pain in my right kidney that made me really nauseous. Luckily a rather bumpy ride in an ambulance shifted it and I got to go home later that night after an x-ray, whew. My kids weren't very happy that afternoon when I got taken away in the ambulance :)

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