Fun with wide angle

I started photography with a 50mm prime. I was so skeptic about wide angle lenses and distortions that buying a Kit lens was a 'no no' for me.

After more than a year I somehow thought of buying a superwide angle of 10-20mm. Still I used to make mess with most of the shots due to wrong angles. It is definitely not a cakewalk to apply wide angle in apt cases. Howvever once you are game and practice, wide angle seems to be pure bliss :)

Be it a landscape or an architecture or a cityscape wide angle helps you to get a unique perspective. I sometimes use it for portraits as well to get such perspective. Most of the contests I won due to my wide-angle only :) Wish I can buy a Tokina fish eye soon.

Here are some samples from my portfolio with Sigma 10-20mm. i am yet to upload few of my best wide angle shots from my trips to the Himalaya.

Few of my wide angle shots (I did not keep them for sale) were featured in Times Photo Journal, 121clicks, fotoflock by Epson etc. :)

Lte me know your story about wide angles.

Photo credits: Freedomsfolio.

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January 17, 2013


Beautiful shots.
I also got a Sigma 10-20 mm lens recently and really like it.

November 05, 2012


Thank you so much :)

November 01, 2012


Very inspiring information! You've got some beautiful wide angle shots. Thanks for posting.

November 01, 2012


Beautiful pictures!Thank you for sharing! Congratulations!

November 01, 2012


Thanks friends :)
Thanatonautii, 3rd party lenses are cheaper than Canon/Nikon etc. You can also go for 2nd hand lens if it still produces sharp images :)

November 01, 2012


Beautiful work, very nice pictures, congratulations!

November 01, 2012


Really great pictures! I would love to have a superwide lens but I think it`s too expensive for my budget :)

October 31, 2012


Thanks all
Angelsimon....right u r. As I said I do take portraits sometimes :) However, some of them look great with 10-20mm but do not have commercial value , so did not share here...

October 31, 2012


Great use of your super wide angle lens. Congratulations.

October 31, 2012


Nice landscapes. Try to do portraits of people with this extreme wide angle and you will see what is funny...

October 31, 2012


Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing!

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