The funniest feature on Dreamstime

Do you know the ‘smile generator’ feature?

The ‘I look like a serious feature but I can be really funny’ feature?

Maybe it’s just me but I urge you to look under ‘your earnings’ page at ‘Last download’ and you might find a lot of fun. Look at the keywords that the buyer allegedly typed in before buying you image.

Most the time it gives you some valuable information but once in a while something mad happens and I love it. The keyword is sometimes so far from the image that you must wonder. By the way it's not that I put mad keywords in my pictures.

Here are some examples

© Lorna

Keyword: Bomb Fuses

© Lorna

Keyword: Navajo

© Lorna

Keyword: Old Hebrew

© Lorna

Keyword: Afro man

© Lorna

Keyword: Worried woman paint nails

I don't know how it happens - but thanks Dreamstime team for the humor you have injected into the machine

Photo credits: Lorna.

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Yes, I have had a few that generated a smile or two and some that actually made me think, "What the....." I think the strangest was a Dl of a set of 3 recycling symbols and the buyer searched for "Crocodile Teeth"

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