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The funniest thing happened today....

...we tried to order Chinese food and they told us they do not have rice, not one kind and asked us kindly to order something else!

Chinese restaurants not serving rice... I never imagined I would ever hear this.

It's like Dreamstime telling people: "We do not have images today. Not even thumbs. Could you please just browse the pages and only read the keywords and description"...

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August 10, 2007


HAHAHA :) never happend to me either LOL! they would better close if they do not have rice!, just until they have I mean :)

August 08, 2007


Wow, I never thought I would see this day! That is really too funny! Thanks for sharing a laugh. ;)

July 19, 2007


I feel a pejorative tone there regarding Chinese food... You should not at all feel sorry for us. The restaurant we order is a very good one.
On the other hand I fell sorry for you. I hope you manage to get past this awful experience :)

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