Funny birds

© Titelio ( Help)
That is the funniest bird I found on DT by searching ‘birds isolated’ keywords, and it shocked me that this is a photo, of course it probably have been modified in some graphic program, this bird have pilot goggle on head and compass, there are not usual equipment of sea-gull. Maybe postal doves but not gull. That is the tip for Titelio to do such one.

Anyway this funny gull had inspirited me to search some others and this was next that shocked me by the simple expression. Cute little duck served on a plate and title of image Easter Food, that reminds me that we are the worst horrible animals on earth, but it is a very good joke.

© Vicza ( Help)
Than all those rubber ducks remind us infantile times in our life or for some adult (like me) their childish soul.

Watch out for a cat.

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