Funny joke ... not related to photography ... but nice to share!

A burglar broke into a house one night, knowing for a fact that the owners were not home at the moment. He went directly to the living-room and stated opening drawers of the furniture looking for some money or jewelry. As he was doing that he heard this voice in the dark, coming from behind him: "Jesus sees you!". Frightened he stopped immediately and he went for the cabinets. As he was looking in the cabinets, the same voice: "Jesus sees you!".

He left the cabinets alone and went straight for the painting on the wall of the living-room thinking there might be a vault behind it. He removed the painting, found the vault, and as he started to work on the number combinations the same voice, right behind him: "Jesus sees you!". All frightened he turns and sees a parrot inside his cage.

- A parrot!! You startled me little fellow!! What's your name?

- Moses, the parrot replied.

- Moses?? What kind of a name is that for a parrot??

- So Jesus is any better as a name for a doberman!?

Photo credits: Imaengine.

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FUNNY! :))


thank you all! As soon as I hear a good one i'll share it with you again!


hahaha! made me laugh! times of troubles and sadness, i know where to go,....visit ur blog...:-)


WAOH! Cracking me ribs!




Jajaja, Good joke and nice images! Thanks for sharing and made me laugh!


LOOOOL...nice parrot - pics


Great... Thanks for sharing....


nice joke,it's always time for a laugh! :D


LOL! :D Great one.


I knew that joke, but it`s funny to hear it again! Thanks for this!


great, very funny and can be translated!


It is very nice!!!


Lovely parrot images. Its the way you tell the joke that is funny. David.

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