A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cruise

Or - Stupid, Stupid Me!

A few weeks ago my better half and I were on a cruise through Asia on a ship that had seen better days. It was only 18 years old, but in cruise ship terms that is about the end of its life. Now, these are big machines and sometimes, just sometimes, things break. On this particular cruise, a refrigeration problem meant the butter went stale, a main propulsion motor broke, cabin toilets in a part of the ship broke and some of the excursions were not particularly well organised.

We all know that when things don’t run smoothly tempers sometimes flare a tad, and incidents follow. But with over 2,000 passengers and crew on board the words “sometimes” and “a tad” probably don’t quite fit – “always” and “a lot” would be more

accurate. About 50 odd passengers and crew found themselves being interviewed by police after docking at our final destination.

How the heck does this relate to photography and in particular stock? Thanks for asking - just how much do you think editorial images of passengers brawling – rolling on the deck in fact – and

groups of passengers arguing with and ganging up on crew, would be worth?

A rhetorical question really and I’m not sure I want to know the answer. Because stupid, stupid I neglected to carry my camera with me everywhere on the ship. I missed probably a dozen fairly exciting incidents on the last day of the cruise.

Anybody know when last a photographer caught on camera a near-mutiny on the high seas?

Photo credits: Pzaxe, Sinan Durdu, Vibhakar Bobhate.

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December 06, 2010


Never leave the house without earrings,clean underwear and lipstick. Never go anywhere without the camera permately attached to person. I joke and tell people I sleep with my camera.
Really it happens to all of us.

December 06, 2010


I think you had enough time to enjoy the cruise.

December 05, 2010


well, the most important point is however that you are here and able to explain it to us.. :-)

December 03, 2010


I'd have to agree with you there David. But in this case I did have a spare P&S Canon with me on the ship - just didn't carry either camera around - Like I said - stupid me.

December 03, 2010


Maybe one of the highly specified point and shoot cameras should always be in our pocket especially where a conventional DSLR would be too obvious ? David.

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