About the future.

I have access to the microstock relatively late. Some friends say the best time of microstock is by 2008. Here are some against my confidence. These days, one after another since the adoption of some of my photos, but not a download.

Now only 17 online photo, online photo originally planned end of the year not less than 500 copies.

Although I insist that the outlook in the end do?

Hope you all talk about their views and opinions.

Thank you!

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine

Apricot flowers

Wheat 3

Wheat seedling

Wheat seedling

Morning fog in the grass

Photo credits: , Jianbinglee.
  • Jianbinglee
I was studying arts professional. More
than 10 years ago, in love with photography. Unfortunately, however, I do not have persevered. Now I return to the road of photography. This time I hope I will not give
up photography.
Landscape, architecture and traditions of
history and details of life theme is my favorite. I hope my pictures can lead to history, can
lead to the natural origins.
My picture all of the RAW format, if you like
and need RAW format files, contact me, I will upload.
Thanks you!


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May 08, 2010

Thanks Kikkerdirk and Mani33!
Continue to adhere to! When is a game on it!


May 07, 2010

I agree with Kikkerdirk! Also it's never too late if you have the will to do :)
Keep going & good luck :)


May 07, 2010

nice start, success to reach the 500, but remember quality wins from quantity! greetings, Dirk