Future entrance hall Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The reopening of Rijksmuseum has been delayed untill 2013.

In a facelift resembling modernizations at Paris' Louvre and Gare d'Orsay museums, the 19th century Rijksmuseum, is getting a giant new underground entrance hall.

During the last weekend of August the public had the change to see the ongoing construction of this giant new hall.

A great change to make some images:

Future Entrance Hall, Rijksmuseum

Future Entrance Hall, Rijksmuseum

Future Entrance Hall, Rijksmuseum

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Photo credits: Cbomers.
  • Cbomers
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International Photoawards 2011: Awarded Honorable mentions, category family
International Photoawards 2012: Awarded Honorable
mentions, category architecture, buildings and category editorial, sports

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