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Most of us have children and if don't, have plans about it. I have a wonderful daughter. She is six and her name is Marta. She is incredible. I didn't expect that I would have so much fun and joy with that little girl. She is making my day all time. Gives me love and passion, trust and so many other feelings. I'm very proud of her as she is very smart and intelligent. Some time ago I've noticed that she is very talented as well. She likes to dance, sing and paint. She started to use my DSLR (Eos350D) just for fun. I had to be careful with her activity cause that camera was to big and to heavy for her. She took so many pictures that day. Some of them were unsharp and blurred but others were just great. She took some portraits of us, my family, our dog and the environment around. She did some macro like flowers, grass. Tried to shoot an insect and she told me that but it was impossible with that lens. When I've changed into G7 she was always shooting. I decided to buy her a small digital camera. I bought a Canon Powershot A510. It's a nice one. It has so many features and it can improve ones mind in the way of taking pictures. Now she is on holiday with her grandparents. As I heard she took hundreds of photos.

I'm waiting to see them as I expect to see something really interesting and so much different from the way that we perceive world around.

I'm wondering sometimes about young children mind. It is so flexible for things around, different sight on the really well known things and subjects that are well covered by the others. I think it worthy to improve that kind of thinking in the young organism.


Photo credits: , Lukasz Tymszan.

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August 24, 2007


I agree that children have different sight of all things around us, they are so simple instead of us who make the reality very complicated. Also it is good that you have notice her talent - keep her in you sight, and maybe she will give you a lot ideas.

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