This game - not for me.

Recently I tested in a new role. I have decided to learn as to work with a vector drawing. Has bought some books. And week drew as in these textbooks. But has then understood - is not for me. Many people draw very well. At them TALENT. At me left only to draw the photo...

I has looked at the Nikon and has put in a backpack... After darkness I will go on streets new (for me) cities... I adore to shoot at night!

Photo credits: Aleksey Ubozhenko.


cat draw the

Your article must be written in English



Thanks! The photo very much is pleasant to me. When I was 3 years old, I have broken the mum's camera Smena 8M. It was my experience first a photo. :))))))


But you take pictures fine. It is talent also


You, are right, any purpose should be finished.


Hey, don't loose it, improve it!
Start with objects then do living creatures...
Good job...


Now I am more like the photo. Especially the time of the shot.
And understand how hard to draw something beautiful.
I am now a more respectful look at the work of artists. :)


Hi Aleksey, I have never tried vectors but dont think it can be that easy, at least you were willing to try and thats what counts, your image did not come out bad either :0)


I think that it is great to "draw" the photo... I enjoy it a lot. Your test take from the positive way - at last you have tried something new and soon (without wasting a lot oif time) you have found your own way!


Great shot! Thanks for sharing!

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