Gamling impliments

Full House Aces over Kings

My latest and my first real series of work is all based on gambling items. I've been working on cards and poker chips and dice. I've been doing it about an hour a night for maybe a week and a half. Last night I got into a problem with inspiration. I have to ask myself how much more I can do with this. As well as what can I do next.

I am only starting out as a stock photographer. I sold my first picture on this site, here it is.

Dice and Chips

I hope to sell many more, to help justify buyinng more equipment :). I doubt it but I'll have fun with it for now

Photo credits: Adam Petty.
  • Crosschk
  • Mercersburg, United States

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February 01, 2008

Thanx, I have more with the green background, some are waiting for approval


February 01, 2008

I really like ths one - 4124417.
I would try a few more on the green background like the one vertical you have. Maybe do some blocking with black cards to cause shadows for some dramatic lighting. Good luck!