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Most folk in Europe who own a house will have a garden and if owners are like me they want a striped lawn.

Unfortunately dandelions grow as weeds in lawns and in Springtime proliferate. They seeds are vector borne.

I discovered some 2 years ago the Supermarket Lidl stocked weed removers

and here is a shot of a dandelion being removed by my wife.

So far this Spring my wife has removed over 500 dandelions which if left in the ground would have multiplied to thousands later in the Summer. Now sadly the head has broken off (weld has sheared off) and we are looking for a new supplier. If you see any please let this writer know !

By the way any photographer wanting a house with a big garden should think twice........... just when all those exciting events are taking place you'll be cutting the grass or weeding! Getting what we wish for isn't always ideal.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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May 08, 2014


And, not spending many hours per year just sitting in it...

May 06, 2014


I will be looking for the supplier, too. Thanks!

May 05, 2014


Thanks but it isn't my lawn just an example I took for Dreamstime !

May 05, 2014


Your garden is very beautiful!

May 05, 2014


The striped lawn is very beautiful and the dandelions are terrible.

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