Gay Marriage Bill Celebration at the Gay Pride Parade in NYC 2011

Gay Pride 2011 in New York City is a cause for great celebration as the same sex marriage bill was approved in Albany, NY. This would legalize marriage between same sex couples in New York State. Opening the parade full of color and pride. Lesbians on bikes and colorful outfits that just scream celebration.

Politicians were thanked and greeted for their efforts and "thank you" signs were seen in every float or marching group. Overall the parade was festive, peaceful and very entertaining.

Photo credits: , Photopro123.

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July 22, 2011


Thanks for sharing, great photos!

July 22, 2011


Nice shots!!!

July 22, 2011


beautiful photos and thanks for the information

July 22, 2011


Amazing event and photos! Thanks for sharing!

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