Gear protection in rainy season.

It is monsoon(rainy) season in India. Rainy season means increased levels of moisture and humidity in air. These increased levels of humidity and moisture can damage your gear if proper precautions are not taken. The damage can come in many forms, like moisture can lead to fungus on the lens, or high moisture can even damage the electronics of the gear. So here I try to compile some easy solutions to these problems.

1. Use a rain cover to protect your camera bag.

2. Use air tight polythene bags(like the zip lock bags) to store items like memory card and batteries. Large bags can be used to store camera lenses and flash guns also.

3. Use lint free absorbent cloth to dry your gear.

4. Silica Gel packets should be kept with the gear in the bag. Silica gel is a very good absorbent of moisture, if it turns colorless, it is time to replace the packet with the new one.

5. Dry cabinets can be used to store the gear. They control the temperature an humidity electronically. But these dry cabinets are not affordable by all and they are not easily available so the home remedy for this is to place your camera and lenses in an air tight box with some silica gel packets.

6. A hair drier can be used to dry your gear after shooting on a rainy day.But do keep a safe distance between the gear and the drier.

7. Use UV filters to protect the lens from water. The filter avoids direct contact of the water with lens glass.

I hope these simple solutions can help keep your gear safe in the rainy reason.

Photo credits: Snappylens.

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July 28, 2009


thanks! great tips! :) keks

July 27, 2009


Thanks for the tips ;0)

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