The Genius of Photography - BBC

I bought the DVD "The Genius of Photography", a BBC documentary the other day and have started watching it. Very interesting. I have seen another documentary DVD on the LIFE magazine photographers. I think that will be the next to get after watching this one.

Photo credits: Derek Rogers.

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August 01, 2011


I've watched two episodes now. There are six in total and they are giving me a) lots of ideas and b) some good historical knowledge on where certain styles of photography were developed from. By coincidence I found a book of the series in my local bookshop but I think the DVD is good as it really brings the material to life and in some cases shows the test shots of the photographer and then the 'famous' shots; and contrasts them.

July 30, 2011


Interesting! I got to find it! Thanks for sharing this!

July 30, 2011


I'll look for it... Thanks for sharing.

July 30, 2011


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

July 30, 2011


I will buy it too !

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