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The main attraction of the Crimea Sudak - Genoese fortress - a unique monument of medieval architecture of global importance. They say that even if in this resort town was nothing but the fortress, Sudak and then would attract thousands of tourists. On the scale of the fortification system of the fortress is a unique monument of defensive architecture Tavrii X-XVIII centuries.

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The amazing story of an ancient temple, which was built within the walls of the fortress. By hypothesis, the scientists initially Turks seldzhuty founded a mosque on the site. Then, obviously, it was rebuilt in the Orthodox church, and the Genoese turned into a Catholic church.

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The total area of the fortress - almost 30 acres, the length of the perimeter walls - more than two miles away. Meter thick walls reach 6-8 meters in height. The fortress is decorated with 14 towers up to 15 meters, giving it a majestic look.

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The first fortifications were built here Byzantines in VI-VII centuries. Subsequently, captured the fortress Khazars, and in X-XII centuries - again the Byzantines.

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Between the years of 1371 by the Genoese in 1469 set up a perfect fortification system Soldayya (the Italian name Sudak), which has survived to our time. The fortress built in the tradition of medieval Europe with concentric defense system

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The fortress is surrounded by the external circuit protective walls between which the city. The lower tier is a massive outer wall height of 8.6 meters and a thickness of 1.5 - 2 meters. The top tier - the castle with towers connected by a wall.

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Up to the present day of the towers of the north-eastern portion of the lower defensive zone better preserved three-level, open-type (trójścienna) Pasquale Giudice tower, built v1392 year.

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Genoese fortress in Sudak is open daily from 9.00 to 21.00 in the summer, to 18.00 in winter. Best time to visit - August, when the hosts an annual festival knight "Genoese Helmet" with colorful reconstruction of historical events and jousting. Those wishing to attend should be in medieval costumes, holiday costumes without protection on the territory of the fortress will not miss.

Photo credits: Andrey Petkun.

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