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Has anybody noticed any advantages to using the geo locations maps eg increase in sales. I have just spent some time adding locations in New Zealand and Africa but wonder how this affects search engines. Can a propective buyer search for photos on a map?

Photo credits: Janine Jeffery.

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May 16, 2011


Is just a new feature that may be useful to clients, but I don't see it like a "MUST" in the search process.

May 15, 2011


I add the geo locations of my travel photos as well. I didn't observe any increase in the sales but I think the option might be quite useful. You can see the "Photo map" option in the menu where you can choose a place and see all the photos available from that place (that have the geo location set). So buyers can choose which photo of a place they like more.
What if your photo does not show in the first pages in search, so nobody sees it? It might appear on the map and be chosen. You never know :)

May 15, 2011


I added the coordinates to most of my pictures. My sales - already not to good - dropped drastically from that very same moment. I would like to delete the tags but how? I will have to ask support from DT.

May 15, 2011


i have yet to add any and maybe i can try some later

May 14, 2011


I have just added a few, I would think this could help a potential buyer by being able to view a particular location of interest without the use of key words.

May 14, 2011


I think it can help when the buyer want to illustrate a topic in particular place buy for commercial picture or advertisement picture I don't think that it helps. Because, the ads uses more the idea of suggesting the ambiance and something regardless the location.

May 13, 2011


I already spend some time adding geo location to my images. I guess it should work for buyers not knowing what they want from a city, country or location.

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