Geotag your pictures without GPS Tracker Unit

I bought a GPS Tracker there is almost two years. I was the first ever GPS Tracker. It was SONY GPS CS1-KIT. I used it to geotag my pictures. It was/is still convenient to use when you plan to explore your neighborhood or unknown city. You have just to carry and on it during your journey. But when you get out for a party/wedding and you know the place or the address, it is useless.

Later on I found this Geotag software named GeoSetter. It is a free software which can batch geotag all your pictures using all the function of google map like by address or by browsing simply the map. It is as simple as exploring files in your hard drive. The good thing is that software can tag the raws files as well. Once your raw file tagged, PhotoShop will reuse it during the post-processing and put it in your JPEG file.

I discovered later on as well that Dreamstime import the geotag location from the JPEG file directly and position your picture at the appropriate place automatically. Such a great discovery.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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November 26, 2011


That's very interesting, I am using geotag with my iPhone, but indoors always is a problem, so it might be a good help

November 24, 2011


If you have an iPhone, take a look at my GeoLogTag app. It turns your iPhone into a GPS Tracker.

November 08, 2011


The technology is more advanced, thanks for the info!

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