Geotagging Images

As I have been preparing for this upcoming safari, I have been investigating geotagging my images.

After looking into many, many options, I've decided on a system that seems reliable, not too expensive, and fairly simple. I've purchased a small geodata recorder, and a software package. The recorder logs my latitude, longitude and altitude every second (literally). The software extracts that log file and writes it to the appropriate EXIF tags in my images.

There have been a few hiccups. I use Apple's Aperture to manage my files. As much as I love Aperture, it is very protective of RAW files (which is a good thing). Getting the geodata written into those files takes a couple extra steps. Also, my particular recorder chews through batteries, going about 12 hours on a set of three AAAs. I decided after one day to invest in rechargeable AAAs!

I don't know if Dt has any plans to allow for searching of images by geodata? It would be great, for example, to be able to find images of a particular location on earth.

What do you all think?

Photo credits: Les Cunliffe.

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August 18, 2008


I have heard of the wireless SD card. Maybe I should put it on my wish list :)

Seriously, I have been pretty happy with my little data recorder. It's tiny, so I forget it's hanging on my camera bag, and it seems very accurate. It was under $75, so not a huge investment. It does chew through batteries, but I recharge the NIMH set every night, and I'm good to go.

August 13, 2008


awesome piece of technology. i was just discussing these options with a friend of mine yesterday. i think we'll see more options in this in the near future and hopefully GPS built directly into the camera with an option to turn it on or off so you dont drain your batteries as well.

August 13, 2008


Not sure I'm onboard with the Geotagging thing but that's mostly because I know little about it; however, I just happened to be checking out a new product that may interest you - or you may already know about it. It is a wireless SD card ( that can send your photos directly from your camera wirelessly to your computer (that was my primary interest in the product). There is also a model with geotagging capabilities. These cards only cost from about $80 to $130 but they are only available in SD format and can only send jpegs, not raw files to your computer. Some people evidently use an adapter to convert the SD card to work with Compact Flash compatible cameras - I've noticed several vendors selling the adapter specifically for use with the Eye-Fi card. I hope someone here on Dreamstime writes a review of this product - especially if they use the SD to CF adapter.

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