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Get comfortable ... here comes todays fun moment!!!

1. A photographer took a self portrait in a park.

Due to lighting conditions he used the built in flash on the camera.

He quickly got arrested for flashing and exposing himself in the park.

2. Photographer to girlfriend;

"Come into the darkroom and we'll see what develops."

3. A french friend was impressed by my portraits. "How do you get them to look so happy?" she asked. I told her that the secret was to ask people to say 'cheese'.

A few weeks later she phoned me up, very disappointed. "All my photos show people snarling!" she complained, "even though I took your advice and asked them to say 'fromage'."

Photo credits: Imaengine.

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August 28, 2010


I like the first one best.

August 28, 2010



August 28, 2010


The last one is very funny :)

August 28, 2010


:D LOL! Very good ones.

August 27, 2010



August 27, 2010


Hahaha! That`s funny! Thanks for sharing!

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