Get creative!

My aim in microstock is to be different. I have realized since beginning that I could not compete with the kind of Yuri Arcus

or Iofoto, that are far beyond my league (for now).

The best I could envision to get my slice of cake and get some success, was simply to be creative. Creative, means to try to make something really different. One way to do so was to search for neglected keywords or 'holes' in the database of images at Dreamstime.

Another way, is to restrain yourself from the desire to compete with topics that are well covered and would require from you to provide extremely good images.

My way to deal with tis competitive world, is to create my photos mostly in form of montages and composite of images (and sometimes a mix of illustration and photography). I think they are enough unique, original and creative. I tend to choose a topic and go with it for a while, trying to put down a rough sketch of the idea and then move on to realize it.

I show below some of my montages (along with few from other creative DT artists), to show examples of what I was telling in the text above.

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Ruslan Kotlyarevsky, Italianestro, Saniphoto, Starblue.

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Love your work! Thanks for the tutorial link. I would love to try more photo manipulation. Unfortunately I have heaps of ideas way beyond my abilities at the moment. Maybe I should practice juggling two balls before I jump in with ten. :o)


thanks a lot!!


I want to be creative like these photos but i dont have a clue on how to to do it i looked everywhere online and cant find how to make my pictures look like these


your style is really unique, that give me some inspirations. thank you.


You have fantastic portfolio and great skills! I wish I had more time to become as good as you are.


Very true and very nice work.


I have long admired your work and your creativity. You have indeed found your own special style. Wonderful portfolio!


Great stuff! Keep it coming. Love your work.


Very interesting concepts in your images!!!


All amazing images, and thats why there are 2 of you here who are my fave photographers, love your work.

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