get noticed through quality

The best way to draw attention to your port is buy uploading high quality pictures. There are several way to draw attention to your port, high quality is only one but its the most important!

- exclusivity : exclusive pictures end up higher in stock searches and therefore will be noticed earlier. This will lead to extra sales. It even is said to be the best way to draw attention. For luck there are some other ways to draw attention (I'm not exclusive but I will upload some exclusive pictures soon)

- uploading regularly, bigger port leads to more sales but also new stuff attracts buyers.

- writing a good blog, it helps other people to learn from your experiences, but it also draws extra attention on your port. Next to that good blogs are will result in higher exposure of your port, directly and indirectly.

-But the most important way to draw attention to your port is to upload high quality pictures. Pictures that stand out from the rest. Planning a shoot is more than half the work. Take a look at the best sold pictures, they all stand out in one way or another. Everything in the pictures seem to be wright. The composition, the lighting, the background, the colors, clear concept, they all stand out.

If only one of these features is overlooked, the picture will not be noticed to be an exceptional picture.

some examples:

This is a very beautiful picture. Could it be better?

-The concept is perfect,

-the composition is good but i would have excluded the wood at the bottom,

-The background is a little dull, another color or texture would have had a bigger impact

-The lighting is not bad but could be better, a different lighting composition would give little more depth

Although it is a nice picture, it could have a lot more impact if all these issues were perfect. And how much extra time does it cost to improve? Always try to ask yourself what could be better. You will need a little extra time, but it will pay off quickly, resulting in better pictures and more sales.

If you look at this picture you immediately see the quality.

-Beautiful composition nicely curled leaf perfect posture of the frog

-concept beauty in nature (not really conceptual)

-perfect lighting, very nice shadows reveal 3D structure of leaf and frog

-background is clean without distraction and ads to the nocturnal behaviour of the frog.

An almost perfect picture with lots of downloads

-the concept of this picture is very clear predator eats prey

-the lighting is ok but could be better. Flash directly on camera and using soft box

-the composition is ok prey and predator

-the background is a little distracting would be better with smaller DOF

Good enough for a picture taken in the field

-concept not conceptual

-composition: beautiful curl in snake empty space below extra accents on top

-background: nice gradient, no distraction, nice colors

-lighting: ads extra atmosphere and nice shadows, attention drawn to head of snake

good picture but would have been better with concept

-not conceptual

-nice diagonal composition

-light: nice shadows

-background: not distracting nice color and gradient

results in my second editors pick

So next time your take a picture question it! What could be improved?

lighting, composition, background, concept!

Take a look at the pictures in your port. Why are some pictures selling and others not?

Take good quality pictures and you will sell. A little extra effort can lead to results quickly. Study your image before pushing the button!

Greetings and keep on shooting

Photo credits: Rob Stegmann, Dirk Ercken, Photowitch.

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May 07, 2010


Excellent pictures and thanks for the tips!

May 07, 2010


Thanks for the comments! With wildlife you really have to catch the right moment. Patients and timing are critical.As for frogs I really like the moment when they put themselves ready to jump. You already see the action that will follow and you have less then a second to push the shutter.
Check someone's port? Why not!

May 03, 2010


A great reminder of what is important in taking a good photo. One other thought, particularly important with wildlife, is to know when to push the shutter release once everything else is in place. For example, the placement of the "fingers" of the tree frog helps to make the shot. Sometimes these moments requirement a quick shutter release response. Sometimes it requires patience...sitting and waiting for the right moment:)

May 03, 2010


Nice work! Thanks for sharing these tips!

May 03, 2010


Thank you for tips...hey, you could check my portfolio... :)
I need any advices I could get :)

May 03, 2010


Very interesting blog, really weel done: thanks for sharing with us. ;)

May 02, 2010


great blog, thanks for taking the time to share this info :)

May 02, 2010


Nice blog.... I agree with you, quality is very important.

May 02, 2010


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

May 02, 2010


I Used the picture of photowitch because I liked it! I'm sure it will sell, but I know I would sell even more if it was just a little different. I'm not trying to break down pictures. I just wonder if something is missing. And in this case I thought very nice, but...
It has one strong extra going for it, a good and clear concept. That was missing in some of my pictures! Good concepts sell. And photowitch perfectly knows how to incorporate a concept in a picture.

May 02, 2010


Very true.
Uploading good quality pics is the watchword.
After reading a lot here (through discussions and hints given by others) I realised that I have to really plan it out and come up with quality stuff. (working on it)

May 02, 2010


Hmmm - I'm not sure why you'd use an example from Photowitch that is brand new. If anyone knows how to get noticed through quality it is someone with over 12,000 sales!

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