Get out of the box!

You know that stock photography market is getting more & more complicated! So many agencies now a days & more & more photographers! Not to mention the crises that made some agencies reduce the contributor's commission!

Anyway we are in DreamsTime so let's concentrate on how to keep this agency the best paying and collaborating in the market!

From DT side, no doubt they are doing a great job, in marketing & updating the site (The most user friendly site)... Still in memory the milestone day & participating in a contest...

Not to mention recently that they have protected us by removing one of their distributors for infringement...

And the best part that they have mentioned that royalties and prices are tending to stay the same during this year! :))

© Mani33
What about our role?!

Getting out of the box... If you look around & make some search on images you will know that there are so many subjects that have never been shot! Subjects that are surrounding us on our day by day life!

Unfortunately, most of us "we contributors" are thinking of enriching our portfolios & sell whatever the subject is!!

Okay the point is, with new subjects we can make this agency looks better & more attractive to buyers!

Main subjects & occasions of the year are still the hot topics to sell, but with time you will find that these subjects are no longer competitive! Too much offer & low demand!

I think I made my point, but instead of just speaking about it I will suggest some subjects that might inspire you to shoot!

1- How many times you have heard or faced canceled flights, due to snow or any other reason?! Isn't that desperate!

How about models with luggage looking desperate to a monitor that announced their flight cancellation?! Use your imagination! ;)

2- Don't tell me that you have never seen someone throwing garbage or even a cigarette from the window of the car?!

Uncivilized act but it happens & in many places! Use your imagination!

3- Who never saw or experienced, someone getting wet clothes because the street is full of water & some drivers are careless!

I confess that it is not a hot topic to sell, but if you take a good shot it might be! Not to mention that there isn't any image a like!

Use your imagination!

4- Not all people are the same, some parents can favor one of their children on another!

Want help?! A mother giving a candy to a child & the other child is looking sad to them on the other couch! Haha that is mean but unfortunately could happen!

5- Children fight! How about two brothers, friends, students fighting on a toy or object?! Each one pulling from a side!

By the end of the session give them a hug & reward them with a candy or something! :)))

6- The latest assignment is one of the greatest topics that I like! Unfortunately I won't have time to execute my ideas for personal reasons! Anyway HELP

A- Helping an old model crossing the road!

B- Putting hands for someone to reach up, instead of using a ladder!

Okay okay as it is a competition, I will keep it for your imagination! ;)

7- How many times workers have made a manifestation in front of a company or a factory?!

How about some workers with helmets & costumes protesting with banners or shouting?!

8- How about a politician with a long nose making a speech! haha

Okay I won't go longer than this! Be creative & let's make this year different & more successful for us on DT. Happy shooting everyone! :)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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February 13, 2011


Hello Cedarflats! Welcome on board! I think any shot of these won't require more than 3 or 4 MR maximum! There are lots of photos with more than that!

February 12, 2011


This sounds good, and I just signed up as a newbie, but wouldn't that call for a lot of 'model release' documents.

February 09, 2011


Thanks Dragos & Linqong! :)

February 09, 2011


An useful blog,my friend Maen.

February 09, 2011


Funny and relaxing blog, Maen!

February 06, 2011


Thanks Leslie! :)

February 05, 2011


You get another useful from me!

February 01, 2011


Thanks Gabriel! You are a great photographer who gets out of the box much! ;)

February 01, 2011


Great article Maen and very useful! Those are great themes :)

January 31, 2011


@Ingrid: Nice try Ingrid! :P :)))

@Mat: It's a dream that might be possible only here! Mine & Your's! lol

Thanks all for your comments!

January 31, 2011


no way Mani, i don't have time to sleep on a box these days.
I am working hard so I can get one of my works to be selected by Tangie (Carmen) next year BEST SELLING PHOTOS JANUARY 2012 ;)

January 31, 2011


Good Blog!

January 31, 2011


I can sell you my A700 for few money ;););)

January 31, 2011


Thanks for all the great suggestions

January 31, 2011


@Ingrid: Yeah I heard that! Will you & Dessie buy all my images for few times for me to buy it! :P :)))


January 31, 2011


Great ideas Maen! I like the politician one the best. So apropos!

January 31, 2011


yep, Dessie is righ, buy a camera!!!!

January 30, 2011


Maybe later Eliane I will make more ideas with out people! :)
Good luck with your assignment my friend! Maybe you should ask for some SRPINKLES from Princess! :))

January 30, 2011


Maen, how about pointers ou of the box without people?! Btw, i sent an entry to the assignment, hope it gets accepted (not way out of the box though, just a little!).

January 30, 2011


haha Mat, I'm imagining you taking a nap over a box! LOL
That would be creative :)))
Seriously we need to start covering new subjects! It's even exciting & a good challenge :)

January 30, 2011


this year Mani, I am thinking not out of the box , but on the box, heh!heh!

I think out of the box very often, and yes, I see from my own work they sometimes sell best. But the keyword (no pun intended) is "sometimes".

looking back on my best sellers with the top 3 sites for me, I still find that generic images are the most sellable. Boring stuff, as one of my students pointed out to me, . well, perharps, but buyers are not looking for "exciting" photographs that gain you at A in Photography 101, more so, they are looking for something to put on a flyer
or on the box of a cereal product (ie. my latest download

good article as usual, my good friend ;)

January 29, 2011


Thank you all for your nice & encouraging comments!

@Rozenn: You have pro models then! I still think you should plan one! :)))
@Dessie @Carlos: I know I should, but buyers ain't paying me enough for this! :P
@John: You're already out of the box! At least you have traveled to have those great shots! :)

January 29, 2011


Thanks (but I like my box!, just kidding)

January 28, 2011


Nice ideas Maen!!! Thanks for sharing!

January 28, 2011


You really need a camera! :) Thank you for the useful sugestions.

January 28, 2011


Why don't you buy a camera? :P

January 28, 2011


Great Blog, thanks for sharing!

January 28, 2011


Very useful article thanks

January 28, 2011


useful useful useful thanks (((H)))

January 28, 2011


Maen you are full of good ideas! :D Thanks for sharing your creative thoughts!

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