Get to know the birds of Turkey - 16 - Northern shoveler

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Our visitor in this article is Northern shoveler - Anas clypeata, one of the most distinctive of the dabbling ducks by its appearance.

Northern Shovelers Wading On Pond

It is a common and widespreadduck, and being migratory, it breeds in northern areas of Europe and Asia and across most of North America, wintering in southern Europe, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Central, and northern South America.

Male Northern Shoveler On Calm Waters

Northern shoveler’s elongated, spoon-shaped bill has comblike projections along its edges, which filter out food from the water.

Female Northern Shoveler Scratching

The breeding drakehas an iridescent dark green head, white breast and chestnut belly and flanks. In flight, pale blue forewing feathers are revealed, separated from the green speculum by a white border. In early fall the male will have a white crescent on each side of the face. In non-breeding plumage, the drake resembles the female.

Northern Shoveler Couple Swimming On Lake

The female is a drab mottled brown like other dabblers, with plumage much like a female mallard, but easily distinguished by the long broad bill. The female's forewing is grey.

Northern Shoveler Flapping Wings

They are 48cm (19in) long and have a wingspan of 76cm (30in) with a weight of 600g (1.3lb).

Northern Shoveler Wading On Lake

This is a bird of open wetlands, such as wet grassland or marshes. It breeds in wide areas across Eurasia, western North America and the Great Lakes region of the United States. This bird winters in southern Europe, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, northern South America, Malay Archipelago, Japanand other areas. It has occasionally been reported as a vagrant as far south as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Northern shoveler Swimming In Lake

That's all for now. Hope to meet you again in another article about birds. Until then, be safe.


Collins Bird Guide - Second Edition



Photo credits: Caglar Gungor.

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March 04, 2018


Nice photos, love your low perspective. Yes this ducks is breeding here in Sweden. Now we have bad winter weather but I think the ducks will show up here in a few weeks.

March 02, 2018


Excellent photos, great blog.

February 28, 2018


Great photos and information. I had no idea that this duck commonly seen here in Georgia, USA was also a species found in Europe and Turkey. Thanks for the photos and education.

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