Getting back to the basics

In the last month I have uploaded over 200 new images to Dreamstime. With an acceptance ratio that is near 85%, I thought I was doing rather well. I THOUGHT I was doing well. When I first starting doing stock, I would have been exstatic! My acceptance ratio was horrific!

Problem is that now I measure my success by downloads. There were only 600,000 images on DT when I started. Since then, the numbers have grown exponentially.

So, although getting an image accepted is an accomplishment in and of itself, it is suppose to be one step closer to $$$$! This means that I have to get those images noticed. Keywords are a big deal and I always make sure that they are accurate and properly spelled. Beyond that, it is really up to what I call "Curb Appeal" If an image doesn't look good as a thumbnail, then I am probably not going to get that designer's covetted click.

I recently figured out that some of my images were "cute" but that they lacked real commercial value. They just lacked "something". I sensed that when I shot them, but I struggled to figure out what it was. What could I do to make these images better?

That was easy, once I let my ego get out of the way: GET BACK TO THE BASICS! Figure out who could possibly use an imge like this? Look at marketing trends. Watch the news. Read magazines. Find a different perspective on popular issues and products. So, I am going back to the drawing board.

In case you were wondering...the images that are just a bit "off" are pictured here in this blog. Can YOU tell me what YOU think is missing? Don't worry, I can take it!

Photo credits: Jason Schulz.

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January 29, 2008


I think the pics are great! (and I don't agree with the extra black space to either side, any designer could add the extra black space quickly and easily.)

January 26, 2008


These pics are great, but some extra black space to one side of them for putting in text for ads would be good.

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