Getting behind the rope lines for a u2 concert

When you have an SLR camera people often automatically treat you like you belong where ever you put yourself.

If you are asked for ID, and told to leave, do just that. But for a public event you have the right to wonder around public areas.

I would have been much more successful if I wasn't walking my dog at the same time.

Photo credits: John Kropewnicki.

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I figured Bono would be too obvious, but Peter or Edge might pass.

But then what do i do with my dog in a concert?


Make Sure You Have Steal Toe Shoes On!!

To get some concert photos I had my poor toes smashed by a few hundred teenage girls, all that pain, but the shots where good :)

I woulda said it was someone in the bands dog lol!


Yup, walk softly and carry a big camera...


I was going to try and say i was walking Edge's dog and I needed to get him back to the show.


lol, or maybe it was the other way round, you were there because of walking the dog?

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