Getting better all the time...

I'm happy to say that my percentage of acceptance has gone up from 23% in January to 45% in February. Maybe I'm getting the hang of picking out stock-worthy photos - or maybe I'm just lucky.

Just recently discovered the Statistics section in the Management Area. Kinda fun. Would be even better if that Earnings line was going up.

Thanks for all the help on keywording, I really appreciate it.

Photo credits: Amy Nicolai.

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February 26, 2008


AmyEmilia, you have high quality photos that will find buyers--or, rather, buyers will find them. I think this is a snowball type momentum. It will start slowly, and then going on its own steam. The best part is that your portfolio is super, which is in the end what really matters.

February 23, 2008


From 23% in January to 45% in February....


February 23, 2008


Grats! Yeah, after you find the "swing" of things, you sail a lot smoother. Took us a bit, but we've got it at a decent clip now. Good luck! To many, many downloads, and many more uploads!

February 23, 2008


Congratulations!Good luck!

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