Getting Bold Colors with Nikon Capture Nx

Nikon Capture Nx is a Powerful Raw Converter and Image manipulating software (It works also on JPGs and TIFFs from other brand's cameras...obiouvsly the only RAW files that it opens are the Nikon .NEF).

The price to pay is that it's a bit slow and "heavy" on my computer(I do not own a Graphic Workstation...) , but the results may be insanely good!

For Nikon users (I found My Capture Nx in bundle in the Nikon D300's box... ) I suggest to shoot Flat and Neutral Raw files, and to elaborate them in C. Nx using the control Points with the "TSL" mode (that is : "TINT-SATURATION-LIGHTNESS") for every color zone of the photo...

The result is a very bold yet NATURAL color, with very little clipping and/or posterization artifacts at Full Res... The noise, if you shoot a "Neutral" Raw file, remains very low, (with the D300) almost unnoticeable below ISO 400-800 !

Capture Nx seems to use the meta-data of the .NEF files to "remember" or (if you want...) disable camera settings (EV...Active D Lightning...White Balance, and so on...) ... some photos are better (IMHO ) without the Active D lightining or some enancements like the "VIVID" mode (which sometimes tends to oversaturate colors creating clippings )

It's like being able to shoot the photo again!! you can change all settings in the RAW file! The only thing that cannot be recreated if you do not set it in the camera is the "active D-lightning!" I always set mine "ON", and, if the photo is better without, I disable it in C. Nx Raw editing... that's very fine.

Photo credits: Azathoth973.

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(for Cmarshall717 ) I have had a D70s : there's no Active D-Lightning in it. Capture Nx can manage TWO d-lightning : the normal and the active... the active can be turned off if previously abled in-camera... but if it doesn't come from the camera settings, you CANNOT turn it on on the raw file By Nx... so, better taking it switched to "on" in the camera! (if the results are bad, you can disable it in the raw :-))

(for littledesire) : I suggest you to shoot in raw... results can be far...FAR better than in-camera jpg... even if they are (the raw files...) slow, heavy, annoying to elaborate, sometimes very difficult to manage and very slow to render in JPG (or TIff..).

The Jpgs from the D300 are often very good... but the BEST results come from a workflow starting from the raw files... bolder colors...less noise...better sharpness... and some white balance and/or exposure errors can be easily correct without damaging the image!!



Thank you ! It would be helpful when I start to shoot in RAW. Colours are really great!


for photosmillenium... I'm sorry but I don't understand ..what do you mean with the word "Scatae" ? :-)) My English is a mess... sorry :-)



Thank you all.



I just downloaded the 60-day free trial two days ago. I had never used it before, so there's a lot of stuff to look at. But I just picked a photo and went through the Quick Settings. Kept saying Wow! Wow! WOW! The D-Lighting is awesome. I use a D70, so I don't think there's an "in-camera" on/off setting for this. Am going to get the eBook that just came out for NX2 as it's supposed to be very detailed on usage.


i hvnt used that software yet, tho it did come with my nikon.. i'd better get it out and have a go! the colors in your images are so vivid - they look great!

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