Getting bored could make you creative!

Few nights ago I was making my backups to my external drive! Tens of GB to copy! Lots of thoughts on my head, but no well to do anything!

I brought a drink & I went to my FaceBook account... I traded some posts & comments with some friends! Some laugh just made up my mood a bit! Mentioning uploads for Christmas made me think a bit deeper about the subject! Oh yes I should make something for Christmas! Never too early!

The results went as follows:

© Mani33
1- Finishing my 3D glass clock. The time I had to wait for my copies to be done!

© Mani33
2- My can top view!

© Mani33
3- A Christmas coin! Just one of the main themes on my port! The coin!

Mission accomplished!

Maybe not the ideal way, but made me go to bed satisfied!

Don't let boring time hold your creativity! Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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That could be possible Aginger! But photographers could do something with some objects around also :)))


Ahh, I missed the conversation again...almost :) Boring could be more joyful if you have illustrator skills :)


Thanks guys! Wish you more creative times & get rid of boring things :)


very nice images


I should do the same when i´m bored! Nice ilustrations!


your illuatrations is creative ,but when I'm bored my ideas disappear, my brain stop to work and I can't to do anything!


Absolutely Maigi ;)
Thanks Margaret :)


Like the Euro ;) Marry Christmas :)


Yeah, always learn from the best! :)


Thanks Nikmd!
LOL Maigi, I learned from Susan :))


Well, I can understand the boring part, but who told you, you should break Facebook for the entertainment?
Great images, Maen! ;)


nice way to put it.....the Christmas euro looks great!!!


Thanks Jitka & Serdar! ;)
Ingrid: Yeah, it's where we usually get lost XD


Nice blog! :-) I agree totally when one is forced to stop for awhile can think and it always can bring something good. Interesting and nice images, Maen... you should backup often :-):-)


I have no idea wich FB threads are you talking about XD LOOOL ;);)

Great work, wish you many sales!!! the X-mas euro is very cool!!


Great work my friend. I enjoyed the can top view most. Congrats


Thanks Maria ;)


That´s great, Maen! Congrats for the lovely illustrations and I wish you many, many sales.


Thanks Carol, Trottola & Dessie! :)


Good work, Maen! Send some creativity over here ...


You're really creative!!! The Christmas coin is great! Congratulations and good lack for many sales ;)


Great designs Maen! Hope they sell well too :)


Thanks Sara ;)


Thanks Gabriel! I really appreciate it my friend! Best of luck to you also :)


Your Christmas Euro coin and your new illustrations look very great,very creative also:)
You are full of creativity and you do a great work:)Wish you many sales ,Maen!

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