Getting fruity with layers

In my mind, Photoshop has got to be one of the best inventions of the modern age!

Photoshop has done for photographers what the telescope has done for astronomers, the microscope for scientists, and what the humble pair of scissors has done for hairdressers! They have all benefited by tools which have taken their field of interest into another realm....which in turn has led to more discoveries and inventions!

Photoshop is like a huge tool box, and like any tool box, some tools get used more than others, whilst other tools lie rusting at the bottom of the box left undiscovered and unused.

You cannot really use Photoshop without using layers. Whether you make an adjustment on the hue/sat slider or brightness/contrast levels, a layer will be created on top of the original photo in order to make adjustments.

Layers is one of those tools in the tool box that gets constantly used, like a hammer, a screwdriver or a spanner!

Layers is a great tool for composition create concepts or ideas.

Below is a photo I designed using separate individual photos to create one final image. There are about six main layers contained in the one photo, they are as follows:

1. Background sunset layer.

2. Cocktail glass layer.

3. Strawberries fruit layer.

4. Lemon slice layer.

5. Parasol umbrella layer.

6. Shadows layer.

Summer cocktails

Other tools and effects were also used to complete the final look of the image, but generally there were six main layers used to create the above photo.

Negative space was incorporated into the final image to allow publishers to add their own image or text etc, so that is also worth bearing in mind when creating compositions.

So why not get some of your photos together and create a stunning never know it might just end up being one of Dreamstime's best selling photos of all time!

Happy layering!

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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March 28, 2019


Great comments...thanks guys!

March 28, 2019


Nice article and suggestions .. definitely food for thought!

March 25, 2019


Very nice work! I guess I haven't had time to delve deep into the world of composite photos. William

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