Getting Hot!

110F/45C forecasted for today in Bucharest, with almost everyone staying in house (or shopping for water in the stores).

We faced electricity issues in the office due to the high consumption in the neighbourhood so we can't use any air conditioning. The government closed all public institutions hoping to persuade people to stay at home.

Getting close to announce the winners for the Water assignment. What a refreshment and how many great images. A very up to day subject unfortunately. Hopefully these images going out within the designs will help make the world a better place.

Photo credits: Louise Roach.

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July 25, 2007


Well, what can I say? Too hot but fun...Power on, power off, on-the-spot gathering of the staff, laughter in an otherwise silent office. Hot weather and no electricity, we might have gone to the seaside. Luckily we had at least the water assignment images to cool off.

July 25, 2007


Tell me about it! The same thing is happening down in Bulgaria. Funny thing is that the mayor of Ruse cracked an egg on the sidewalk and it cooked for 9 minutes! LOL Would have made a wonderful "in the news" photo. ;)
I want rain!

July 24, 2007


To be honest, we don't feel very sorry for the people of Bucharest here in ***.com

We would love to have over 100º temperatures!

Oh the irony. We have floods, but our taps are dry (fortunately at the moment we still have electricity... for now). You have scorching temperatures and almost the same problems!

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