Getting That Model Release

So there I was, watching an intrepid climber sling himself up a sheer rock face in Joshua Tree National Park. The light was golden, about 30 minutes before sunset. My angle was perfect to capture the climber going up. Without him, the rock face was 'pretty,' but not all that interesting.

So, even though it made me feel a little self-conscious, I asked permission to take his photo. He agreed--no problem. In fact, he repeated his climb a couple times to make sure I got all the shots I needed.

I'm still tweaking the photos, but I have high hopes. In the meantime, the happy moral of this particular story is that it doesn't hurt to ask--and it can feel great when that potential model says 'sure.'

© Mlane

Photo credits: Mary Lane.

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March 04, 2008


Well done for asking him and I look forward to seeing the shots. I think i'm a bit reluctant to ask people - (maybe I am shy!!) - but I think you are right... It doesn't hurt to ask!

March 04, 2008


I admire your willingness to ask. And to actually have the model releases with you too! :) so far I've kept "forgetting" to have them with me. My therapist would probably have an opinion on that.

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