Getting More Involved

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I became part of the Dreamstime family 3 years ago, but was like the family member that you only saw at the reunion every couple years. I only got on, maybe, a couple times a year and uploaded even less, but today I decided to start getting more involved because apparently my work isn't as useless as I thought. I remember my first excepted image on here and also how long it felt without any views or sales. Today I logged on after a long time of being inactive to find out my 32 images have 38 sales, two images are level 2 and a bunch have at least one+

Florida Sunset

sale!!! I know to most people on this site, that is a minuscule number on each end, but to me, it was like Christmas haha. I'm young still, starting to finish up school and over the Summer I started my own small photography business giving me a lot of useful and valuable experience behind the lens. Along with all that, I've upgraded most of my gear from a small Sony Alpha with kit lenses to a Canon 7D and lenses like the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, Canon 300mm f/2.8 IS and my favorite lens ever, the Canon 50 f/1.8. I've decided I will start taking more pictures, uploading more work, and get more involved with Dreamstime and see if I can catch up to those of you with 100+ images uploaded and see how that might effect my experience in the real world! Wish me luck on catching up to all of you!

-Just had to get that out of my system :)

Photo credits: Kody Little.
  • Kml1993
  • Spokane, United States

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September 29, 2011

Good luck!!! :)


September 28, 2011

Nice setup with the 7D and impressive set of lenses.


September 28, 2011

Good luck!


September 28, 2011

Good luck with your goals


September 28, 2011

Great news, now you have to catch up, my first 2 years in DT were almost like your first 3 years. And my last 2 years have been very active and I've done very well, with many sales and uploads.


September 28, 2011

Really good luck!


September 28, 2011

Good luck. We are waiting your new photos


September 28, 2011

Yeah, it takes time for sales to pick up... but they gradually do. I'm on track to double the number of sales this year from last across the stock sites I sell on.

Consider you have 32 images with 38 sales... if you had 320 images online you could potentially have 380 sales!


September 28, 2011

Great! Congratulations and good luck for your business!!!