Getting my first DSLR

Well, I must say it started off when I had to do my National Service two years back. I owned a panasonic fx07, a very new and compact camera that was very enticing for me. It utilized the SD card - remember.

In the course of events, I changed camera once and again, selling the fx07 to fund a nikon s4, followed by a panasonic fz30. I found the functions not good enough each time and I needed more control, more creativity over the camera. Fz30 was good but not enough.

When nikon introduced d80, I was surprised it was utilizing SD card unlike so many others which was running on CF card etc. Canon challenged my choice with its tempting and cheaper (but definitely not lousier) 400D. I contemplated. I felt it was not practical a choice but I made it nevertheless.

I chose Nikon D80 because it was compatible with a SD card. Stupid it might sound but that was my justification for choosing D80 over 400D. But I never looked back, I found myself falling in love with photography so much after owning a DSLR of my own. its like a first time, a maiden click of the shutter, that grip of a big black gadget in your palms. Its simply memorable.

It's my first blog entry and I hope by sharing a bit of my own story of getting my first DSLR, it can bring back memories of yours too!

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August 23, 2007


i believe the canon route will be just as good!

August 17, 2007


I went the Canon route, but I'm sure you'll never regret the D80. Its an outstanding camera with much to offer. Enjoy!

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