Getting photos out there

i have recently started here om Dreamstime and have had about 3 images accepted, but no one has viewed them. Any advice in how to get my photos out there and viewed by people on this site?


Photo credits: Annaskahill.

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You must keep uploading and be present in Dreamstime community (blogs, collections, ....)


Most people have said it already, keep the faith and keep uploading images, they will be seen and believe it or not eventualy sell :0)


Be patient. Everything needs time.


Hmmm.... I would say: uploading more will help you :) good luck!


Upload, upload and upload! And have fun meanwhile ;)


You need upload more images, and someting that really helps its participate in blogs! Good look!


take a look around DT or other agencies.. you need more uploads and more stock photos, think about the buyers, what they need..! With time you will get there

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