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My learning about photography is still in baby phase. Comparing accepted and rejected images i get the clue. I just can not do the right image which will satisfy me (at the first place). To fill the gap I recently started to play with Swift 3D, designing cute little characters from primitives. I uploaded the whole bunch of them and they were ALL accepted. OK so i have 58 photos and illustrations online.

My next task was to study the image visibility, messing up with the additional keywords, synonyms. Then I checked the relation between views and downloads, not just of my images but from many others. Lots of things you can learn from this.

Then suddenly, DT is implementing new counting system which almost stop views to increase. I will not discuss this, you can check the recent thread about views counter. Anyhow, all my views numbers stopped and I was clueless. Now what? Would I benefit producing more characters? Are people interested in them. Can not say. At least not for authenticated users.

So, I was wandering for about a week, thinking of what to do next, because I want to continue uploading which should improve my overall stats.

And today, something interesting happened. My little scuba diver was sold!

So I was hopefully thinking what could be consequences of this. I know that when certain buyer checked on this images he cannot miss the others from my portfolio on "More images from...". Maybe he took one illustration just to check the quality of full resolution. If he like it he may come back for more characters. It is Dreamstime, right?

But then some new ideas cross my mind. What if I try to do more scuba diver, in different pose, holding fish, jumping into water, diving (with bubbles) etc. It should not be problem in 3D software. I can exploit all of those characters even more. If you read my earlier article about buyers you will understand what I mean.

I know that big fishes on DT doesn't share my concerns as they have a steady income based on large numbers. I may sound silly to them, constructing all that theories based on one single sell. But hey, why not? If any of us know what image will be sold tomorrow, he will upload it right away. But we can't. We can only think in approximations.

The result can be different after lots of time spent on producing DT content. After a year you can ask: Was it worth? You can always check you numbers for the truth. But maybe some thinking can be done in advance.

There are people that have 2000 uploads and 300 sells. But I found some with 1000 uploads and 2500 sells! That's business, think of those numbers. Maybe my single sell may point me to other three downloads. Those three may lead to ten. And ten can show the right direction to a hundreds more.

And then maybe you can catch your dream with 2000 uploads and 5000 sells. Some people were thinking, analyzing and producing more stuff based on experience. They follow the right directions.

Don't think they were just lucky?

Dreamstime is vehicle, but we need to work on our own driving style.

I wish you all be careful on the crossroads, make smart decisions in choosing directions and spending your time. On what subject you will work next? Every path leads to somewhere. And a smart man said: If you don't know where you want to go, you will probably get exactly there.

Keep moving people, there are sales on DT every day.

Photo credits: Aleksandar Horvat, Sebastian Czapnik, Joanne Harris.

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I think those of us who are new to DT suffer from not being the first to put images on line. I know I have had images rejected because 'this is well covered subject' only to look and find that it may be well-covered but the quality of the previous images is not as good as what I am offering. I think thats all a function of building a database. I know I have my own web site and there are images on there that were put there a few years ago that I would not have on there now. I guess its a process of maturing as an enterprise. Maybe DT will not just look and reject based on quantity of images on a particular subject but look at quality of images also. This is not a criticism but a commentary on the difficulties of managing a functional database.


Thanks, great writeup - I too am still finding my style, I have difficulties with the quality of my lense too, so am looking at upgrading. Cheers


great blog as usual, oh at last you changed that profile picture :-))) believe me for a moment you changed the DT site design layout, especially in blog section. just kidding.


Nothing is more important, in my opinion, than using your own sales to predict and expand your portfolio. What buyers buy from YOU, is as important as what they buy overall.


I like your ideas, I too have been looking through other people's portfolios looking for clues on how they make so many sales on so few images. I've come up with a couple of ideas. Some of the images are older so they had the benefit of less competition to start with. I also think that these people may be trimming the excess out of their portfolios. By taking out the ones that aren't getting the views and downloads after a certain period of time they keep their portfolio to a manageable size for people to look through. They find the thing they are good at and stick with that. I'm still finding my feet here, so I upload a lot of different things. Time and experience makes all the difference. Good luck with your portfolio! :0)

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