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Hi all,

Being a newbie in the stock photography business has proven to have it's ups and downs. Doing a lot of landscape photography I have often wondered how all the big "Dreamers" here know when they have a photography or image that is stock worthy.

I am still figuring this out but something that I have noticed is that unlike our soap operas that people so enjoy watching and that portray a sense of the so called perfect life, stock photography is more of the everyday real life things.

Tomatoes, potatoes,toes...and for that matter just about everything around you is a potential stock image.

The next thing is to get yourself thinking stock all the time. You need to be aware of everything around you which has proven beneficial in more than one field of business in my case. Everything is a potential money spinner on your portfolio.

I may be wrong but this is how I see it. I still need to get my acceptance percentages up as they are nowhere near where I would like them to be but hey...all in good time. For those newbies out there...welcome and don't get discourage. It's tough getting into the swing of things.

Cheers and good luck...keep shooting.


Photo credits: Michael De Nysschen.

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March 20, 2012


Thanks all...just logged on to find I had another sale...woohoo...I am getting more and more excited. Sable antelope image sold. Thanks to the buyer

March 20, 2012


Michael, you have a nice portfolio, and you have a lot of potential sellers in there! You are correct, almost everything you see can be used as stock material. You just need a camera, your imagination, and a little creativity! I wish you the best in all your endeavors here, and many sales. :)

March 20, 2012


Great images !

March 20, 2012


Thanks Ajphotos. You have a super PF as well. little uploads but super sales. Well done

March 19, 2012


welcome! great landscapes!

March 17, 2012


Thanks for the both have super PF's as well.

March 16, 2012


:) You are good!

March 16, 2012


Nice blog, you have great images, continue being so optimistic and thinking "what sells and what doesn't"... Good luck.

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