Getting it right before making the shot

The digital generation gives us the possibility to shoot as many images as you like so that we can afterwards edit them with software. Especially when you shoot in RAW you will have the extra space without losing any quality. Because of this reason many of us use to spend many hours in the digital room to adjust the composition, light, colors, white balance and so on. Sometimes spending much time for one image doesn’t mean it is automatic a more interesting image. You can have the same quality in less time. This is my concept in this blog.

I am a impatience person. I also started with shooting a lot and when I came home the real work started. First delete al the images that I don’t need. Then the second step was fixing all the issues that I did not fixed before I made the shot. I started to spend more time behind my computer then photographing.

For example I made a image of a building with at the left side many twigs that disturbed. I start to retouch them and afterwards I fixed the white balance and light. All this together cost me about 15 minutes. If I had just slightly turned the camera and put the right white balance at the place of shooting the image creating time would be like 1/200 second.

Also the amount of images. You can make directly the right sharp image with good composition on place (Off course not always working for sport or wild nature photographers). Maybe you will come like this home with 70 images of instead of 150 and it feels like you did less. But think about it that you will use almost all of them without all the work of deleting the similar ones. Like this is learned that I win much more time. Or better said I loose less time.

So take the quality out from your camera and spend more time with you real passion …. Photography.

Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.

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May 22, 2013


Hi Clearvista,

This is a good example. For me the same. I started to see it also on de computer. Then i realized that i could use maye some more seconds for the shoot and it would be corrected. Small mistake can give big corrections later.

May 22, 2013


Very true, but I always start with good intentions. I find that as I get into the shooting "frenzy" I tend to forget this and it is not until I look on the laptop that I see that I should have taken more time and care. It is good to have a reminder from you.

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