getting into stock photography

I am sticking my big toe in a large sea here. stock photography seems interesting but I am not sure if it is worth time and effort. any tips, ideas, suggestions or stories about lessons learned and battles lost would be greatly


Photo credits: Israeltunis.

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thanks for the tips. I figured it would take a while to build up any sort of coin. I have browsed through many photos. I have noticed that many of the photos have only a few downloads. slow and steady wins the race!! its seems like the key here is finding a subject matter that has fewer photos. I have uncovered a few things already, i just hope my photos are accepted. thanks again!


1.-Take and upload loads of great images
2.-Develope a thick skin so as not to take rejections personally
3.-Take and upload loads of great images
4.-See what's in demand and if you can put a new twist on it
5.-Take and upload loads of great images
6.-Do searches for things to see if there's a hole in the market
7.-Take and upload loads of great images
8.-Be very patient. Building a portfolio up takes time as does any notable sales
9.-And finally take and upload loads of great images

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