Ghost Hunting

Trying to keep busy and creating this and creating that, photos, my real job. now, my husband and I have been a part of a paranormal group for that last 6 months, and things are rockin!

We are just in the beginning stages and have up coming investigations already in the works.. We are all excited about this.

Well, one day, after I got our cool digital voice recorder a couple of months ago.. we tested it out, IN OUR HOUSE...

Yeppers... we have some activity..

we did an investigation with all the fancy equipment and got some dust on the video showing up.. that's embarrassing.. and also some things that are unexplained.. the most solid evidence we got is our evps from this house.. which I have put together for you all to hear.. Please wear headphones!

Herden House

Please click on the link above.

We both strongly believe in the spirit world.. this is something that we are passion about.. I would like to know more about who these spirits are, what they did and most important give them the opportunity to be heard.

Thanks for viewing..


Photo credits: Bertrandb.

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February 04, 2008


Hey Lady! Of course, what would be really cool would be to take a pic of them. Then again, you may have a hard time getting this model release...

February 01, 2008


Hi, Alice!
Here is an article about different questions people have concerning spiritual creatures. Maybe you can find something worth to consider, maybe not, you can decide it.
Take care!

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