Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Hotels in major business centers and cities empty out on weekends as do resorts in slow seasons. As a result many promote packages geared to special groups/interests in order to fill empty rooms. One of the fastest growing hotel and tour packages is for women only. Men have always had hunting, fishing or camping trips but us girls have had to settle for weekends alone if we couldn’t or wouldn’t tag along on treks with the goal of killing a large mammal.

We began noticing an increase in requests for images of women only weekends in the industry about three or four years ago. Dreamstime has a couple of good productions but not much variety. Images of women having fun also work for many other uses as well: for restaurants, hotels, car rental companies and, of course, shopping venues. Some of the themed weekends and activities that are advertised for women only are wine tasting, golf, cooking classes, bike tours, white water rafting, fishing (so far no hunting), yoga, spas and shopping.

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The kinds of groups that come together for women only packages are all over the map. Sisters that live far apart or just want a weekend respite from household duties and diapers or college roommates getting together for a weekend of catching up and shopping are typical. Some organization use events as a way for women to connect with new friends or to raise money. I have invitations to two such events in my inbox just now. Both are fund raisers, one for wildlife recovery (this one is in a hotel spa and features lemon drop martinis served by local firefighters that were chosen to be on their 2008 calendar…I guess Girl’s Only excludes sexy firemen). The other event is a networking weekend in a nature study environment to raise funds for science education.

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Models: All age groups fall into the target demographics for resorts/hotels/non-profits and others appealing to Women Only gatherings. The models can all be young, or moms, or multi-generational. If you decide to create images along these lines, be certain to photograph singles too so that the shoot day will have a wider variety of uses than just Girls Night Out. Locations can be a hotel room, a very fancy kitchen, a pool, the beach, a hiking trail, or any tourist destination. The key here is that the women are having a great time and enjoying the company of other women either as old friends or making new ones.

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Examples of travel sites with an emphasis on women:

Country Walkers: here

Sight and Soul: here

and Tango Diva: here

Photo credits: Alexvalent, Andres Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Zamora, Ieva Geneviciene, Mary Katherine Wynn, Stephen Coburn, Studio Dream, Yuri_arcurs.

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January 21, 2008


This article is so true. Me and my girlfriends love to do days and weekends out. I think having great photos that show women having a blast together would be coveted by advertisers and media producers. Thanks for the article, and have a great day!

Sarah L.

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