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Sometimes the contradictions of the modern world startle me, and this is especially true when it comes to social websites like Facebook and MySpace (and, to a lesser extent, Flickr).

Quite why some people feel the urge to tell the whole planet minute details of their lives is beyond me, especially considering that in general these people would not tell those details to total strangers in public.

But here we are, people give out information that in general is considered as "top secret", and it's there for all to see... Maybe some people think that being in a huge crowd (after all, Facebook has millions of users) is the same thing as being anonymous.

It's not. I recently talked to a law enforcement officer, who told me that Facebook really is their best friend when it comes down to crimes committed by people under 25.

All they have to do is look up the suspects' names on Facebook, and they will know who their friends are. A bit of "social engineering" will get them in their friends' circle, and then a huge amount of information becomes available to them, allowing them to know who was where and when... Case closed!

Don't even get me started on identity theft (or simply theft, since a thief can know that you're on holiday and even get your address by reading your profile, if you leave it as "public"...)

Me, I'll keep shredding the information I don't want others to read...

Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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November 24, 2008


Some time ago my elder son has had an accident on own car. He has caused a traffic police and has transferred to the owner of other car the data about our insurance company. However after a while this person began to behave very aggressively.

It seemed to it that the insurance company has paid to it a little. He began to demand from us still money. In one of social networks I in some minutes have found out that it the policeman. Who his wife, who its friends. It has helped me to carry on dialogue with this person. After that case I have removed all data from social networks. I do not want, that bad people could know something about me.

I have left the information on and a portrait only in professional networks and associations.

November 23, 2008


You know what after reading your blog I was thinking a lot on this, and 2day I decided to delete my account with facebook and here I bump again to this blog, what a coincidence,

November 02, 2008


Yeah u r right, this is an eye opener for people on social network sites, its good to have account on such site to get in contact with old pals, but we should take some precaution.

November 01, 2008


Yeah,very interesting article!
I don't have myspace neither facebook account,i just call my friends:D
Nice pic!

November 01, 2008


Another thing is there is a lot of companies that are checking out if you have a myspace or facebook page when you apply with them to get a sense of what type of person you are before they consider to higher you.

I admit I have a myspace account but it is more for me to keep up with friends, animal organizations and to keep an eye on my niece (more to watch her back since I think she is a little too young for myspace)

Interesting blog

November 01, 2008


interesting, i'm always wary about putting up personal details on these kind of sites, altho they are great for keeping in contact with all my friends that are abraod. No harm in warning people tho, i hope some people wil take it into account for their own safety!

nice pic too!

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