Giving Back To The Newbies!

Do you remember when you first joined Dreamstime and you waited impatiently for that first sale? Beginning now (July 2009) I think it's a time I give back a little more to the DT community, especially for the newbies here. Since I write many blogs and receive a credit for my rants, I will be using 15 of them to download an image from some lucky newbies portfolio in July. I will post another blog at the end of July and show everyone which images were purchased. So, who will be the 15 lucky newbies?

Photo credits: Spaceheater.


Your article must be written in English



So nice! Good luck to every newbie ~


I am a newbie of 2 months with 9 approved and zero sales at the moment - could you give me some advice on how you think I am doing please ? good or bad - as I am still learning... Thank you



Thanks a lot Richard!) Am I the fifth?)


Thanks a lot Richard! It is good stimulus for beginners


You are such a nice person. I still very enjoyed the time of my first download, its so exciting.


Wow...thanks a lot :)
I really appreciate your work a) your portfolio and b) your community helps to improve dreamstime which after all will reflect on yours and everybodies sales...thank you


Thanks a lot Richard! What a nice surprise! :-)
I hope to do my best here in DT,
so I'll do the same you are doing now, to some other in the future!


Wow that is so nice! What is the noob criteria?


Thanks Richard, that was very kind of you :)


What a good idea! I've been trying to add newbies photos into my collections, if they fit the theme, to try to encourage them that way. I've only got 1 credit from a blog and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I'll try to earn some more and do what you're doing. Thanks for sharing :0)


Thanks Richard, that was very kind of you :)


That's a good idea, too. I have a few credits for blogs, too, that have just been sitting there. Normally, if I am going to use an image for something, I'll use my own. I have only downloaded two the whole time I've been with DT. Maybe I'll do what you are doing, too. Don't know what I will do with them, but at least someone will get a tiny jumpstart on their sales.


thats a cool thing to do

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