Giving Designer's Ingredients To Work With

It's key as a stock photographer or illustrator to at least consider having some images in your portfolio that can be used to be apart of a bigger picture... for example when you make something like red "blood drops" it would be use full to make other colors of blood drops and just have them called ink drops or something like that so a designer has options and can use the drops as an ingredient in their project.

Red Bloody Blood Drop Drops

Having different variations of images in colors and styles can be very sought after by buyers because they have more options to choose from when they are creating their projects. Ink drops can symbolize many different things that can be appealing to buyers for example black ink drops can have relation to writers.

Dark Black Wet Ink Drop Splatter

Purple ink drops can symbolize something fun so buyer can use them if they are creating images for an event or upcoming celebration for example. Having options set you apart from a standard stock photographer or illustrator, it shows your buyers that your dedicating in serving them and they needs of images.

Purple Paint Splatter

In closing its important to point out how simple drops off blood or ink can be seen as anything the buyer wants it to be... so just because you name the title as red blood doesn't mean the buyer will use it as that so keep that in mind when creating... I often wonder how many times buyers say "I really like that image... but to bad its not in purple... oh well i'll have to look for something else, because I don't feel like editing all that." So it's better to just do it for them and get the sale instead of missing out!

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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January 25, 2019


I'm seeing spots! Nice article. William

January 15, 2019


I think you mean "Designers", not "Designer's!" :)

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