Giving up the day job - permanently!!??

In December 2005, I quit my day job as a teacher - my aim was to do stock photography full time.

The beginning of 2006, I went back to college to learn about setting up a business - keeping accounts, advertising, how to keep the tax man happy...that sort of thing. It was all very interesting - and I finally set up Art Splat Designs in April 2006.

As for designing, and photography - I guess I've learnt along the way - and I'm still learning.

It's hard work working for yourself, but "giving up the day job" can be done.

But can it be done on a permanent basis?

Well for this moment in time, I guess the answer is no.

Having had a great start at working for myself, I moved house - to the south coast of the UK. It's expensive to live down here - and although I make enough to pay the bills, it doesn't quite stretch as far as a luxury holiday abroad, or a new car, if i wanted one - whilst paying the bills at the same time.

So...basically, I want to know:

Is it possible to completely live off stock photography in the long term?

How many hours work is really needed in order to "put food on the table" and still make enough for all those extra special things?

How can I improve even more?

Follow my blog as I attempt to find the answers to these questions...and much more besides!


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August 20, 2007


You might need to supplement your photos with some webdesign, or offer to make designs based on your stock photography. Not templates, but unique ones for clients. It's a complementary business.

August 08, 2007


Basically this has to be tackled little seriously. Whom would u call as a successfull photographer naturally the one whose images are sold in increasing nos. Sothat now there are following conditions to be fullfilled.

(1) U need to have more pictures online.
(2) Subjects U need to have wide range.
(3) Equipment: U need to have top class equipment which will beat the time factor.
(4) Thorough Research: It will tell u what are the subjects which gets sold out more often.
(5) Total command over digital darkroom: U need to save ur pictures by making them tick in photoshop.
(6) Total attention: IF all 6 are being fulfilled u only have to give it more time and focus.

I see no reason why it should not be a paying profession.

July 28, 2007


Xippychic wrote:

"Maybe it's time to take a look at yours"

Yes - I completely agree - it's no good designing and photographing things that you find appealing. It's all about the buyers - and what sells at the moment. Plus, you also need to take into account, seasons, and current hot topics.

July 27, 2007


I am a web designer that reaps the benefits of your hard work. My designs wouldn't be nearly as compelling, if it weren't for people like you. Thank you.

Since Jan 04 I've been developing websites freelance. It's a tough road, but a recent award and good referrals are encouraging.

Every so often I look at my pricing structure to determine if I need to change or "upgrade". Maybe it's time to take a look at yours.

July 27, 2007


I exactly did the same thing
quit my full time well paid job and got my own design and photography company.

well worthed
I earn more than ever

so go for it, first 6 months,, hardest
but you will see how beautiful having the freedom


July 26, 2007


I wish you the best of luck! They say the secret is to find something that you love to do and figure out a way to get people to pay you to do it. Looks like you figured that out already! :D

July 26, 2007


Good Luck doing this full time! I'd settle for just making enough for a vacation anywhere! Sandy

July 26, 2007


Glad to hear you are going for it. My last day at work is Oct. 1 and I too will be going full time with stock.

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