So glad that Canon doesn't run Dreamstime

Canon has been running an annual themed photography competition in Australia and New Zealand for the last couple of years called Photo5. It's good fun, and gives you the challenge to stretch your photography in a direction you wouldn't normally go.

I've entered that comp for the last 2 years. I've imagined that my photos are good enough to run away with a 5D MkII and a photography trip, but alas, nothing has come of it. My imagination is better than my photography!

But I'm glad that Dreamstime isn't run by Canon, and that the Canon judges are not Dreamstime reviewers. The judges selection of finalists is, in my opinion, pretty bad. There were many fantastic entries in the competition - but there weren't many fantastic entries among the finalists. Sorry, but the average DT photo is better than many of the finalist photos.

Or has my appreciation of art been ruined by microstock tendencies? You tell me.

Not only that, but the competition website is slow, there's no zoom capability, and the search feature always breaks. Give me Dreamstime any day. And this year, in the open brief 'through a pet's eyes', there were about a million snapshots of dogs and cats. ick.

Still, I had a lot of fun creating my entries, and I'll probably enter again next year. But I won't expect to win, except by chance. Anyway, I should get some financial return - I've modified a couple I entered in the comp and they're on sale here now.

Photo credits: Stephen Denness.

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November 17, 2011


Sometimes the fun is when you have the opportunity to compete.

November 17, 2011


You are absolutely right.

Stock is my competition.
If you pass the reviewing jury.... the photo is a keeper
If it gets sold.....the photo is selected for the final
If its a level 5.... its a winner

And as a bonus you don't loose your copyright

Let the customer decide and not some self declared 'important' people.

Microstock is the most democratic form of competition and the purest form of capitalism. If you performance is good, you win

Happy uploading

November 16, 2011


Ha Haa !! they sell camera not photo so.... Patience I m sure with your beautiful picture you will see reward soon.

November 16, 2011


Perhaps it's the differences between "microstock" and "competition" photography. It's much more fun enjoying microstock photos rather than "competition" photos.
Best of luck for you for your next year competition!!

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