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Glad to be near Sedona: Another post from a Newbie

Yesterday I'd posted about sorting through my old photos. And the sorting is coming along nicely, with several photos currently "in the hopper" for approval or denial.

While waiting to see how those photos go over I've still been uploading a few of my latest shots, and I have to say I'm happy to be where I am right now. Of my last 9 shots, 7 were accepted. They were all photos of areas in Sedona, AZ. You know, the place with those amazing Red Rocks, Vortexes, and way too many psychic shops! :)

A friend who hikes with me says all the time, "You can't take a bad picture in Sedona." They're right to a degree. The sweeping views, contrast of Red, Green, & Blue (hey, RGB) make for interesting photos. But you can in fact take a bad photo in Sedona. Just go there and start shooting at Noon. Everything will be washed out, the rocks won't jump out at you. Go there a little after dawn or close to dusk and my friend is 100% correct!

And yes, I've hiked there mid-day and was disappointed with almost every photo. I wasn't disappointed with the hike though (always fun).

So, on your next big vacation trip I'd suggest popping by Sedona. Not only will you come away with photos that make you super happy, you'll have some amazing hikes that you won't soon forget (and maybe a vortex experience or two).

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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September 26, 2007


Are you using some kind of filter for the sky or modify it later in PS? It has so beautiful deep blue color in the middle of the day.

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